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About Elder-Help 

Whether an older Australian is at risk, needs assistance, or requiring advocacy or legal assistance our team is here to help. We provide free pro-bono or low cost assistance to our members throughout Western Australia. click see our objects and purposes of the association.

Old Friends
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Registering as a Non for Profit Unincorporated Charitable association

Our Incorporation believes in assistance to elders that includes Elder-Help, Elder-Rights, and wellbeing. Our tram will provide our knowledge and expertise to best resolve, educate and provide peace of mind to our clients.


Condor Tower
22 Saint Georges Terrace

Perth, Western Australia.

Tel: 0402 941 969

External outreach assistance subject to availability.


Monday - Friday 

8:30 am to 5:30 pm



9:00 am to 12:00 pm


Outreach appointments also available with appointment.

Free assistance, or low cost advocacy/legal assistance also available.



EHCC Council member and retired lawyer in the Supreme Court of Western Australia. I have a wealth of knowledge spanning over 60 years, have run my own law firm assisting people in need. I am a regular advocate for Human Rights and in particular Elder-Help. I am proud of being part of the Council.


President and Council Member. I am a lawyer licensed to practice law in Western Australia, the High Court of Australia and Wellington New Zealand. I also am also a practicing Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner registered with the Attorney General's department.

I head the Elder-Help Community Centre and talk at community clubs like Probus, Men's Shed's, Rotary International, Lions Club, Senior Centre's, and retirement villages throughout Western Australia. You may hear me on 8826PR or Curtin Radio talking about access to justice.

I am passionate about assisting the community.

Meet the President and Council Members




My extensive involvement in the Men’s Shed Movement has alerted me to the need for an Elders -Help Community Centre.


A consequence of technological advancement and a rapidly changing world is widespread disenfranchisement and isolation for many of our senior citizens.

Our Elders, in particular, constantly face the challenges of digital literacy and maintaining effective communication

An Elders- Help Community Centre can offer support, advice, skills, plus a voice to what is an increasingly vulnerable group of our citizens.

I am pleased to serve on the EHCC Council.




Retired Legal Secretary having worked in top tier law firms and the Legal Services Office at The University of Western Australia for a combined 30 years.

I think the Elder-Help Community Centre WA is something that is long overdue.  It will help seniors enormously with the many issues they are confronted with from time to time including legal, financial and navigating an ever evolving world of technology.



Passionate advocate for elder-help and elder-rights working for Jacaranda Community Centre, Belmont Western Australia as an Aboriginal Family Support & School Inclusion Worker.

I believe elders need affordable or free/pro bono assistance as they face many challenges with technology continuing to advance, legal, and advocacy.

As a EHCC council member, I look forward to the work the Elder-Help Community Center will do in assisting the elder community throughout Western Australia.


"The Elder-Help Community Center was a lifeline for me when I was at risk of financial abuse.. Their team provided me with the education and awareness training I needed to recognize the signs of abuse and helped me report it to the authorities. They also provided me with legal advice and support, which helped me protect my finances and investments. I am forever grateful for their help and support."

Sarah J

"I cannot thank the Elder-Help Community Center enough for the assistance they provided me when I was struggling with my pension application. The staff was patient, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable, and they helped me navigate the complex application process with ease. Thanks to their support, I was able to receive the financial assistance I needed to maintain my independence and live with dignity."


Paul C.

"I recently lost my husband and was struggling to cope with the legal and financial implications of his passing. The team at the Elder-Help Community Center was there for me every step of the way, providing compassionate and professional legal advice and support. They helped me draft my will, enduring power of attorney, and enduring power of guardianship, and gave me peace of mind knowing that my affairs were in order. I cannot recommend their services enough."

Jennifer S

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